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Client Comments & Feedback - 2015

“Just wanted to let you know our house renovation is now at the stage where we have walls and a roof! Now we can look at the almost completed exterior, it is abundantly clear how good the design of the addition is! ARG have been great to work with as builders but we are now appreciating how well the house has been designed - thank you!

Once again thanks for your excellent work - hope one day you might get to see the finished product”

Client Comments & Feedback - 2015

“Thank you so much to you and your team, for you time and patience in designing our home. We are all ready to rock and roll now with building permit coming through yesterday.”

Client Comments & Feedback - 2015

“I am pleased to advise you that building approval has been granted by the Cambridge Council with no queries or questions asked.
Thank you very much for your good work. Construction will be starting soon.”


EDITION           SEP 2013                                                                     WRITER            ROCKY AMATULLI                                                                                                



Small block, big result

Designed and built to sit perfectly on an 8.5m-wide block, this exceptional home feels far grander than its width would suggest. 



The project’s designer (Tascone Design Team) was approached by Brian Burke Homes to design a small lot home facing a park in Churchlands for a good friend of director Michael Burke.  The site was 263 square metres, with special conditions allowing the home to be built with a zero lot line on three boundaries.  This afforded the designer a great advantage as it allowed the same size building as would be possible on a much larger lot if one had to adhere to the usual setbacks.  Michael Burke wanted to make a landmark statement with small lot designs, as his company is well known for very large luxurious homes but not for small lot sites.


Tascone Design Team’s role was to create an interesting design that worked well for the client and made a great platform for the builder to showcase their expertise.  TDT designed and documented the home in complete detail ready for construction, with some colour consulting performed in the earlier stages of concept design.  The client was the main influence on the project (as is usually the case for TDT) but in this case so was the builder as he had a personal friendship with the clients, and thus was also involved throughout the process.


The design brief included some fairly obvious requirements, dictated by the site; the outlook onto the park was paramount and the rear access into the garage and home needed to work well.  Internally, the living areas although smallish, needed to feel generous (hence the creation of an internal courtyard), and the building needed to be simple to construct but had to still create impact with a sleek, cool and minimalist park-end elevation.  Additionally, however, the client wanted the design to allow as much northern light in as possible, capitalise on the parkland views, incorporate a swimming/plunge pool, have a totally open plan where the indoors and outdoors were seamlessly joined, include a ‘chefs’ kitchen, have plenty of storage, and could be easily locked up and left secure so that they could travel without having to worry.


And on top of all that, the designer had to comply with the subdivision development principals and rules.


The size of the lot, and the probable neighbouring homes (yet to be built) both provided a degree of challenge to the designer.  Fortunately, the clients were very open-minded and receptive to ideas so in this case they made the challenges less daunting. The park outlook and the internal courtyard pool were very important and became focal elements of the design and the final home.  The internal pool was tricky to achieve but worked out well without taking up too much precious space in the courtyard.


Parapet walls serve to increase the internal size of the rooms and large front windows help connect the home with the park.  The internal courtyard gives outdoor privacy to the home while enhancing the illusion of space to the home. The upper floor main bedroom and lower floor living rooms face and view the park. The kitchen layout and location, the large front windows connecting the home to the park and the minimalistic modern façade, all work in unison.  The internal courtyard pool is a major feature connecting to the whole interior of the home and the alfresco. 


Fitting a swimming pool and a reasonably sized home on an 8.5m-wide block presented the client, the designer, and the builder with its own challenges.  Good design certainly helped maximise the size and features that the home has, but from the builder’s perspective, being organised enough to be the first builder in the development so that they had room to move made all the difference during construction.


Feature-wise, you are immediately drawn to any number of interest areas - the pool and water wall, the floating staircase with its Eiffel Tower graphics, the bifold doors that open the inside out to the alfresco (there is no step between the two), the concealed laundry, and the extra-long windows in the top floor passage that allow a view to the pool and sky (but block out the neighbours' properties).  The material palette includes Ironbark timber floors, etched glass, honed concrete paving, glass tiles, and complex aluminium joinery internally & externally.  The design and construction of the home are unique, but combined with highly technical components and an extremely high level of finish makes it a truly exceptional home.



Tascone Design Team has numerous homes it has designed under construction in Sorrento, Coolbinia, Floreat and Churchlands, and additions to homes in Fremantle and City Beach along with recently finished homes in City Beach and Scarborough.


Mario Tascone says he always enjoyed art and technical drawing at school.  “I wanted to be an industrial designer initially as I liked being creative, but as a last-minute decision, I changed my mind an enrolled with two of my talented technical drawing friends in the Architectural drafting diploma course at Leederville College.”  He established Tascone Design Team in 1987, initially as a contract design/drafting service for a large interior design firm designing multi-million dollar interiors. After a year of contract work, Mario started on his own and soon branched out to residential design, home additions, small commercial buildings and unit developments.  Tascone Design Team has designed well over 2000 buildings, ranging from granny flats and home additions to countless exclusive upmarket homes, apartment buildings, housing villages, and even a mosque and laboratories in Perth and in Dubai.  The company boasts commercial buildings in WA and SA, a $2million home in NSW and the 2004 BDA of WA Building of the year. It custom designs every building to suit the wants and needs of its clients. The buildings are also designed to maximise a site’s passive solar properties and the building’s energy efficiency.


When asked about his view on small blocks, Mario says that “small lot designs can work as long as council conditions allow setback concessions and the client is open to creative design solutions. With these two points in mind, what is conceived as a small area to work with can be moulded into an interesting and spacious home.”



This home was built by Brian Burke Homes, which was established more than 30 years ago. Managing director Michael Burke initially began his career in the building industry working in the Northern Territory for five years, building in remote communities. Michael then started his own renovation company in 1990, selling it in 1994 to work for his father Brian at Brian Burke Homes. He then took over the running of Brian Burke Homes in 1996.


Brian Burke Homes offers its clients the design, documentation and construction of high-end top quality homes. Michael Burke was approached by these particular clients (who were personal friends) with a brief and a block of land, so he introduced them to designer Mario Tascone and the process started from there. Brian Burke Homes still played a part in the design, and went on to organise all drawings, council approvals and quotes for the work.  “Compared to the large multi-million dollar homes we usually build, this particular home proves that good things really do come in small packages,” says Michael.


Tascone Design Team




Brian Burke Homes